Hyde 2 – Dark Side Of The Island

DARK SIDE OF THE ISLAND | TROPICAL STOUT What is this concoction? Smells tropical, mango and peach. Am I gOiNg crazzy?! Why is it black? My eyes can’t see… *lights flicker* …murderous silence… | THIS POTION MAKES NO SENSE| Wait. It all makes sense now! I mixed opposites, light and dark. Tropical IPA meets Stout. New techniques blended into a Stout. I MUST TRY IT. *gulp, gulp, gulp*… NoT AgAiN, NO, NO, NO… I AM NOT IN CONTroL AnYMOrE… ALL I SEE IS PALM TREES AND FLAMINGOS. IS THAT A UKELELE I HEAR?!?! WHY IS EVERTYTHING TROPICAL, THIS IS JUST MY LAB!! A_M_I_C_O_C_O_N_U_T_S_?