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The story begins in Buenos Aires in 2008. Two brothers are thirsty. They find nothing exciting in the market. They think ‘We should make our own beer’. And they do. Soon, their mom’s balcony is full of kegs.

Just like a chef combines ingredients to create new dishes, Ramiro experiments with recipes to make beer exciting, fresh, new. He takes every course there is. He learns and gets confident. Soon he realizes that his passion for craft is not only connected to innovation but also to the flavours and aromas of the ingredients. High-quality ingredients become Gorilla’s standard.

Gorilla starts growing and gaining recognition in Argentina. They open one bar, then two, then three. They open their brewery. They travel and win International Prizes. As they grow Nicolas becomes the numbers-genius making sure the beer is enough for each of the bars, the ingredients are there in time to brew, and that inflation doesn’t hit us hard(er). A hero.

Our story is a family story. And the family grew. Our cousin Lu met David, fell in love and moved to Berlin. We couldn’t wait to visit. Not only because we are family (and kind of like each other) but also because we were fascinated by Germany’s beer tradition. We fell for Berlin, the people, the freedom, the Spätis. Ramiro came back for a 6 months beer course and started dreaming about opening a brewery here.

In 2020, Lu and David took a 9 month sabbatical around South America and in that summer they met the Gorillas at the Annual Hops Festival in El Bolsón, Patagonia. It was one of those sunny days when the plans of opening Gorilla Craft Beer Berlin started. Little did we know that we were gonna arrive in Europe during a Pandemic. But we will survive, like always. With the help of our new CEO and German expert David, we are now proud to announce that we have started brewing in Berlin, planning the opening of our first bar and excited to share our beer adventure with you.


Unfiltered Pleasure I Hazy Pale Ale

Unfiltered Pleasure I Hazy Pale Ale

Welcome to our guilty, unfiltered pleasure, a Hazy Pale Ale (6,2%) with a subtle aroma of tropical fruits and coconut and beautiful yellow colour. An easy drinking beer with good malt support and cracker flavour given by the malts.

Alc. 6,2% vol., 330ml
Ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast, Oats

Fuera de la Ley I Mexican Lager

Fuera de la Ley I Mexican Lager

Is the summer finally back?! With the hope of warmer, sunnier days, we introduce our Mexican lager 'Fuera de la Ley'. An easy drinking beer, balanced with malts and maize, extremely clear and citrusy. Low hop flavour and bitterness. Our Berlin version of a Mexican Lager brewed by an Argentinian. Aguante todo!

Best served with a slice of lemon!

Alc. 4,0% vol., 330ml
Ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast

Burnt Out I Summer Ale

Burnt Out I Summer Ale

After a couple of long, long months inside, we wish you all some quiet, chilling days. This beer is our favourite for a summer holiday, a weekend on the beach or a day on the lake.

You'll enjoy pear, apple, berries and tropical fruits but also some floral, woody and spicy notes. A delight to the nose! Drink slowly, enjoy deeply.This golden beauty is a well filtered, foamy easy-drinking beer. The perfect one for your asado with friends. The selection of the hops will make you think of peach, grapes and a bit of citrus. You'll also find some subtle notes of honey, cereals and peach.

Bright like the sun, friendlier than your Nachbar and more refreshing than skinny dipping in the Schlachtensee.

Alc. 5.2 % vol.
Ingredients: Water, Wheat Malt, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast, Oats

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