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Über uns

We are a Finland-based independent craft brewery specialising in modern extravagant beers, especially aromatic hop-forward IPAs, silky Imperial Stouts and innovative mixed-fermentation ales. Founded by four craft beer loving friends in 2018 and now quickly expanding across the cosmos, our brewery is driven by friendship, shared passion for creativity and love for communal ethos of the craft beer culture. By keeping your taste buds and minds continuously intrigued, we aim to produce sensations that drive the electrical impulses in your brain wild and make you want to share your excitement with the world. We want to turn strangers into friends, friends into lovers and lovers into a family that cherishes megalomanic visions, strange stories and bad jokes that always seem to cross at least our minds after a few great brews.

Inclusion, Stimulation, Emancipation, Freedom. We are Salama.

Unsere Produkte

Salama is known for being a Brewery that loves it's hops, like massively. So our most sought-after products are our Double and Triple NEIPAS plus the many beers we do with an 6,5% ABV. Neon Daimon, Neo Elektro, Electrocution, El Tigre, Neon Beast, are always on demand. Our Imperial Stouts have developed a massive fan wagon and beers like Liquid Rorschach, Hot Tequilla Time, Huntz Huntz Huntz and Mashed Rune never last long on the store shelves.
Hot Tequilla Time

Hot Tequilla Time

Choco imp stout aged in tequila & hot sauce bourbon barrels. A madness dream made into beer.



Electrocution is the final destiny of true meanies. Irrespective whether you are a giant murderous shark, a henchman with a guillotine hat or a ruthless dark cyborg serving an evil empire somewhere in the Universe, it is meant to be that your end will come through a memorable frying. The most memorable baddies always leave with style! Now, we feel that you might exactly be this kind of an evildoer. That’s why we brewed this lethally delicious and electrifying DIPA to you, a brain-frying beer that is fat-
ed to be your destiny.

A full-bodied hop juice fest with a bang. Punching with Citra, Azacca and Mosaic. Strong but velvety smooth and dangerously drinkable. Not for the faint-hearted.



Our Day to day Neipa. Designed to enslave humanity and to manipulate your brain activity. A Huxleylian dictatorship IPA with notes of passionfruit, pineapple & tangerine. Brain burn with Mosaic & Citra hops.

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