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Über uns

Contrast. Contradictions. Polarisation. Life is brimming with it. It adds a splash of colour to life. Our brewers call it ‘home’. An endless source of inspiration: finding new combinations by bringing together worlds that are seemingly incompatible. It’s how you break through existing conventions and create new ones. It brings insight. Connections are created. That is what our beer is all about.
Our goal is always to find unique combinations. That not only means ingredients, but also people. Bringing opposites together. That is who we are. For us, it provides a never-ending source of innovation. But that doesn’t happen by itself. Trying, tasting and starting over again. You fall flat on your face and pick yourself back up. Until finally, you experience that sip, that tingling sensation that opens up new worlds. It expands your mind. It’s an extraordinary feeling.

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